Lamp made of crochet

Where the Sand Meets the Sea...

Lose yourself in the coastal energy carried on breezes that blow all the way from the Mayan Riviera to the Mediterranean.

Infusion served in a glass with some spices around

Sunset rituals

Join us every Sunday for our Sunset Sessions. Eat, Drink and Dance the evening away…

Wooden bridge in jungle landscape

Sonic Journeys

Explore sonic landscapes that evoke the lively, bohemian spirit of Casa Madera.

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The Details Matter

Every detail tells a part of the Casa Madera story.



Each of the essential life elements: Earth, Water, Air, and Fire is harnessed and respected as the primary inspiration at Casa Madera – earth provides, water purifies, air supplies life and communication while fire transforms all three to create new and exciting forms.



Each evening brings a celebration where local and international DJs play alongside tantalizing performance artists and talented live musicians.



Unpretentious luxury envelopes the space – providing a sensory experience born of relaxation and cultural enlightenment.



Experience bold, inventive flavors structured around sustainably sourced ingredients presented with honesty and passion.

Experience Casa Madera

Celebrate the culinary traditions of the Mayan Riviera through an all-encompassing, immersive experience.