Come Join Us for Sunday Rituals in Casa Madera West Hollywood

Casa Madera Staff

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The Essence of Casa Madera

Picture a dining experience where the zest of Mexican spices dances with the rich flavors of Mediterranean cuisine.

That's the culinary adventure awaiting you at Casa Madera in West Hollywood.

Nestled in the heart of California's entertainment hub, this upscale restaurant offers a boho-chic coastal atmosphere that's as inviting as the Mediterranean's sun-kissed shores.

And when Sunday arrives, we take the celebration to a whole new level.

The Magic of Sunday Rituals

Imagine this:

The Los Angeles sky turns into a canvas of orange and pink, and Casa Madera's patio becomes the stage for a daily miracle: the setting sun.

Each ray of light dances on your chinking glasses, turning ordinary moments into snapshots of magic.

The Casa band’s music syncs perfectly with the sun's descent, as if nature and music have conspired for this very moment.

You feel the crowd's energy rise; it's almost time for the Napkin Wave.

Everyone grabs a napkin, and together, waving them high in the air, we salute the setting sun in a communal ritual. A cheer goes up - and things are just getting started.

Your table is a canvas of Mediterranean and Mexican culinary delights, designed for sharing. The dishes are familiar but super-sized, perfect for a gathering of friends who like to eat as much as they love to celebrate.

If your Sundays feel like an unfinished sentence, Casa Madera offers the perfect punctuation: an exclamation mark made of flavors, sounds, and unforgettable moments.

This is a crescendo of fine food, music, and emotions, all harmonizing with the setting sun.

This is Sunday Rituals at Casa Madera.

A Day of Culinary Delights:

Brunch (11am-4pm)

The second you step into Casa Madera at 11 a.m., you're greeted by a vibe that's both electric and laid-back. The DJ's playlist of chilled tunes subtly tells you, "Relax, the day is only getting started."

The brunch menu? It's a playground for your taste buds, offering a mix of Mediterranean and Mexican influences. From healthy platters to seafood towers, we have you covered.

Friends fill the room, your conversations echoing through the air as you catch up on the week that was. The day has officially kicked off, the vibe is already infectious and it’s clear this is more than your typical brunch.

As the clock ticks closer to 4 p.m., you feel the energy in the room shift. The laid-back brunch atmosphere starts to give way to something more exhilarating.

You sense that the best moments of the day are yet to come, and you can't wait to see what unfolds next.

Sunset Sessions (4 p.m. - 10 p.m., 21+)

At 4 p.m., the atmosphere at Casa Madera transforms. Our house band takes center stage, and what was once foot-tapping during brunch turns into a full-on uninhibited party.

The room fills with the vibrant sounds of music. Maracas shake, percussionists drum the rhythm of life, and the crowd is immersed in a fiesta like no other.

Our menu steps up its game with it’s own dedicated offerings for Sunday Rituals. Consider our mezze platter, featuring Mayan hummus and whipped aubergine, as your dance floor fuel.

On the cocktail side, let us introduce you to Mas Paz. It's a mezcal-based marvel that pairs perfectly with the evening's energy.

As the glorious sun dips below the West Hollywood skyline, our patrons wave their napkins and our DJ takes back over. The beats change, the lights dim, but the full-on party vibe remains constant.

All of this excitement is just part of what makes our Sunday Rituals so special.

The Setting

Our soft, ambient lighting and interior create an intimate atmosphere that's perfect for this lively event.

Casa’s panoramic windows offer a front-row seat to the most stunning LA sunsets. These golden moments become a part of your Sunday experience, reminding you to stop and take in these special views.

When our roof retracts, the night sky becomes your ceiling. Stars twinkle above, making sure the party vibe never stops.

Inside, you'll find rustic wood finishes and hand-woven furniture that create a cozy, organic atmosphere. Our impeccable service ensures that your Sunday Rituals flow smoothly from start to finish.

The central bar is where the magic happens. Our mixologists craft cocktails that mirror the vibrancy of our crowd, making each drink a celebration in itself.

Let every detail of our setting make your Sunday an experience you'll always remember.

An Exclusive Monthly Affair

Sunday Rituals at Casa Madera is your once-a-month ticket to an exclusive fiesta. With only a few tables available, the event is as elusive as it is electrifying.

Your Invitation to Experience Paradise

Why settle for the usual when you can redefine your Sundays?

At Casa Madera, we've got a DJ spinning tracks that make your head nod and a house band that turns the venue into a full-on raucous party.

Savor the fusion of Mexican and Mediterranean flavors, from light Mezze platters to succulent seafood. Or maybe you feel like spoiling yourself with some champagne and caviar?

Our Ritual cocktails, like the mezcal-infused Mas Paz, are crafted to keep the fiesta going. This is the place to indulge yourself!

As the sun bids adieu, you'll also be part of a unique spectacle—the Casa Napkin Wave. It's a moment that unites everyone under the LA sky.

All this unfolds in a venue designed for year-round alfresco dining, complete with retractable roofs and panoramic views.

Think of Sunday Rituals as the grand finale of your weekend—a day-long celebration that turns every moment into a memory.

Don't miss out on this exclusive experience of fine food, cocktails, music, and - above all - fun.

Reserve your spot now at Casa Madera. Let our Sunday Rituals serve as your sabbath of flavor, dance, and revelry.

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