New Year's Elegance Unveiled: Casa Madera's Coast-to-Coast Celebration

Casa Madera Staff

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New Year's comes with a contagious buzz of anticipation, celebrations, and glittering countdowns. If you love fine dining and want a 2024 celebration that transcends the ordinary, we suggest you seize the New Year's experience of a lifetime at Casa Madera, with locations in Los Angeles and Toronto.

Casa Madera is part of the globally renowned Noble 33 hospitality group that has managed to successfully stretch the limits of lifestyle hospitality.

Usher in 2024 with Casa Madera’s unique celebrations characterized by specialty culinary and cocktail offerings, great ambiance, New Year's entertainment, and more!

Coast-to-Coast Celebrations

Casa Madera Toronto has crafted an exclusive menu just for New Year’s Night. Enjoy a specialty culinary and cocktail menu like no other. Choose any one of three specially curated seafood offerings crafted by Casa Madera's very own executive chef. Wash down the meal with cocktail specials featuring the best tequila and fruit combos.

Casa Madera Los Angeles offers a timeless New Year's toast. Enjoy exquisite offerings with a festive twist. This New Year's, Casa Madera Los Angeles will be embracing tradition with their regular menu enhanced with a New Year's charm.

This is the place to be for those who wish to experience LA's effervescent energy, air crackles full of New Year anticipation, and a blend of tasty Mexican cuisine with a luxurious Mediterranean twist, all while experiencing the exciting murmurs of LA's elite, making everyone a star celebrating an important night.

New Year's Toronto Dinner and Spectacle

Casa Madera's New Year's specialty culinary menu in Toronto is composed of signature dishes specifically crafted for the night. There are three tasty offerings to choose from, with must-haves like Lobster Risotto. This deliciously rich and creamy dish features Carnaroli rice – the “caviar” of risotto rice, and Nova Scotia lobster.

Another notable special is the Ontario Trout Tartare, a delicious recipe flavoured with seared pearl onion and avocado leche de tigre (a mouthwatering blend of avocado and citrusy marinade) perfect as a smooth sauce for trout fillet.

The cocktail menu has been perfectly matched with the food menu. Casa Madera’s in-house mixologist has crafted two refreshing tequila cocktail offerings - Fuego Frutal and Pera De Invierno featuring premium tequila, fruity ingredients, and bitters to blend and balance flavours perfectly.

Enjoy this memorable dinner and spectacle from Friday, December 22nd to Sunday, December 31st 2023 from 5 pm to 11.45 pm. Enjoy extended hours until 1 am.

Delicious food and drinks aside, come prepared to dine in a high-end festive atmosphere featuring decorations, music, and special entertainment arranged for the evening. The festive decor will range from glittering backdrops to constellations and hidden surprises. Expect some live music and an unforgettable New Year countdown on the 31st.

Make a reservation now to guarantee yourself a memorable New Year’s!

Los Angeles: A Timeless New Year's Toast

As mentioned, Casa Madera in West Hollywood will be embracing tradition this New Year’s with their regular but high-end menu enhanced with New Year's charm. Since the restaurant is situated at the heart of LA, in The Mondrian on the Sunset Strip, you can rest assured of everything that LA has to offer in one place - the excitement, glamour, and invincibility.

Expect the ultimate traditional but high-end NYE celebration at Casa Madera West Hollywood. Guests can prepare for immersive performances, a New Year's celebration that lingers on the palate, and memories to last a lifetime. The restaurant will be converted into a high-end wonderland with details whispering luxury and every single moment igniting wonder.

Prepare for surprises and traditional NYE celebrations like midnight toasts (with a twist), seductive live music, and festive decor bound to offer a New Year's Eve of unforgettable revelry. Ensure your seat by making a reservation for a memorable experience.

The Casa Madera Experience

Enjoy a luxurious ambiance, exquisite Mexican cuisine (with a Mediterranean influence), as well as exceptional live entertainment and service.

Get the rare chance to engage all your senses and have the most mesmerizing New Year's Eve. Every Casa Madera location takes guests to a boho-chic coastal haven characterized by relaxing and welcoming vibes.

Seize the Magic of New Year's at Casa Madera

As 2023 comes to an end and the anticipation of 2024 fills the air, Casa Madera cordially invites you to an unforgettable New Year's celebration running from Friday, December 22nd to Sunday, December 31st, 2023.

Trust us, there's no place more enchanting to welcome new beginnings than at Casa Madera. Whether you choose the vibrant energy of Toronto or the chic elegance of West Hollywood, each location promises an unforgettable New Year's Eve celebration.

This New Year's Eve, let Casa Madera be your destination for an evening filled with exquisite dining, luxurious surroundings, and memories that will sparkle long after the midnight cheers. As we bid farewell to the old and usher in the new, we invite you to be part of our coast-to-coast celebration.

Reservations are filling quickly, so we encourage you to secure your spot and raise a glass to the year ahead with Casa Madera. Here's to a night of elegance, joy, and the beginning of another wonderful year. We can't wait to celebrate with you!

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