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Brunch is more than a millennial trend or meal. It’s a socially coveted experience that transcends good food and refreshing drinks. At Casa Madera, think of brunch as a deep social pastime and bonding ritual that is reviving face-to-face interactions at a time when we need them the most.

The world of social media has created a gap in human interactions. Face-to-face conversations and connections are rare. Sunday brunch is arguably the best time for most people to catch up with friends/family and/or meet new people.

Toronto has an abundance of brunch locations. However, there are very few that offer a truly luxurious and coastal cuisine-inspired experience coupled with soul-quenching entertainment. If you wish for a Sunday brunch experience in a stunning venue offering fine dining, a luxurious indoor/outdoor feel, and unparalleled culinary, beverage, and entertainment experiences, look no further!

A New Dawn in Toronto

Nestled inside the 1 Hotel in Toronto, visitors can find a place that is high-end and fosters what Sunday brunch is all about: a deep sense of belonging and connection.

Come enjoy a luxurious Sunday brunch experience at Casa Madera. Every Sunday between noon and 4 PM, you, alongside friends and family members, can enjoy a truly luxurious brunch experience at Casa Madera, Toronto - 550 Wellington Street W Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2V4. We offer a perfect mix of novelty and vibrant energy.

Not Just a Meal, it's a Celebration

Sunday brunch at Casa Madera is far from typical. While you can expect a culinary treat like no other, there will be more to it, you can expect to indulge all your senses. Sunday brunch offers a unique atmosphere where the lines between dining and parting begin to blur. You can let loose and enjoy yourself. We recommend you start with a delicious meal and transition seamlessly into some fun and dancing as you socialize or mingle. Casa Madera's Sunday brunch is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a fine dining, mingling, and party vibe experience.

Eat our all-new brunch foods and sip on refreshing beverage offerings while enjoying our entertainment featuring live instruments, performance artists (live musicians), and DJs for the ultimate high-energy celebratory Sunday brunch experience perfect for groups and friends.

You’ll even get to participate in our very own napkin wave ritual that creates a fun atmosphere for everyone to get into party mode.

Culinary Delights Await

The all-new brunch menu is nothing short of mouthwatering. Enjoy up to four starter options, over 10 sweet or savoury options (depending on your preferences), raw bar offerings for seafood lovers, and some tasty salads and sides. The brunch menu offers a bohemian but luxurious culinary experience.

Must-tries include the signature KOBE A5 110 featuring seared Japanese Wagyu, Casa Madera's very own Madera Burger, Tomahawk steak with eggs and/or poppy seed pancakes. For those who love French toast and tortillas, our Brunch menu has tasty options that effortlessly range from sweet to savoury.

Raw bar must-tries include offerings from the seafood tower (missing in regular raw bar menu offerings). The seafood tower offers a taste of everything from oysters to mussels, lobster, king crab legs, and a caviar option. Signature offerings are also present, like champagne and caviar (Ostra caviar & Dom Perignon champagne).

Salad must-tries missing from our regular menu include Jalapeno and cucumber salad and Yucatan chop (sweet corn). There are plenty of sides to indulge in, from chopped salads to warm tortillas, beef bacon, confit potatoes, toast, turkey sausages, and more.

Keep in mind, our menu is always subject to change so if the mere thought of this has your mouth watering then come by sooner rather than later and enjoy our ever-changing menu while you can!

Sip, Savor, and Swing

Sunday brunch can't be completely relaxed and fun without delicious and refreshing drinks. We have an extensive beverage offering for Sunday brunch with cocktail classics like our very own Casa Margarita. There’s also a unique Bloody Mary version dubbed "Casa Bloody Caesar" and fruity, refreshing offerings featuring mezcal, Blanco, or Reposado tequila.

There are must-haves i.e., "earth", "air" "fire" and "Water" offerings, special coffee cocktails for coffee lovers, and low ABV to zero proof drink offerings for those who prefer options with little to no alcohol. Our brunch drinks offerings aren’t just refreshments but partners in the celebratory vibe.

The Heartbeat of the Brunch - Live Performances

To top off the experience, Sunday Brunch features live entertainment with performance artists who dazzle and serenade guests with live music and instrument performances, all of it complemented by live mixes. Every Sunday brunch experience features a Live DJ to maintain a vibrant energy.

Time and Place

Sunday Brunch at Casa Madera Toronto happens every Sunday from noon to 4 PM. Enjoy a luxurious and fun-filled experience like no other. Let loose, celebrate, catch up with loved ones, and make new friends and memories. While at it, capture some pics and videos bound to stir up your socials. There's no better way to elevate your Sundays!

An Invitation to Revelry

We invite you to experience Sunday brunch at our upscale Mediterranean restaurant featuring Mexican influences. Our unique Sunday brunch experience is a great opportunity to hang out with loved ones and make new friends while enjoying tasty food and drinks in a luxurious environment.

We are offering you a celebration! Casa Madera's Sunday brunch presents a truly unforgettable, luxurious experience. Besides indulging in culinary delights, there's a refreshing and unique brunch drinks menu and a roaster of live performances. So, join us for a Sunday brunch unlike any other. We promise an unparalleled, unforgettable experience. Make a reservation today!

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