Sunset Sips: Experience Casa Madera's Happy Hour in Our Two Iconic Cities!

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The Magic of the Evening

Happy hour is the perfect time to get great deals on drinks. This is also the best time for revelers keen on unwinding, socializing, and enjoying a vibrant atmosphere. When you combine happy hour with sunset views from iconic locations, you get a magical experience.

Sunsets are symbolic. They remind us of nature's beauty and may evoke emotions of peace, tranquility, and awe, which create the perfect time for introspection and reflection.

If you are searching for the best of both worlds (memorable happy hour coupled with breathtaking sunsets in the most luxurious restaurant locations globally), look no further! Casa Madera is a high-end restaurant chain with a presence in Los Angeles and Toronto.

At both of our locations we have carefully curated happy hour menus and a luxurious indoor/outdoor setting that’ll ensure you catch one of the most magical sunsets as you sip on unique twists of popular drinks and go on a bohemian but luxurious culinary journey.

Two Cities, One Vibe

Casa Madera's iconic locations in West Hollywood and Toronto are where the Happy Hour magic unfolds. These may be two cities, miles apart and yet both locations offer one vibe – an inherently inviting luxurious environment that is warm, high-energy, and immersive, offering a feast for all your senses. Enjoy a boho chic coastal experience of the ultimate upscale Mediterranean restaurants with Mexican influences.

Happy Hour at West Hollywood runs all weekdays, Monday to Friday, from 5 pm to 7 pm while Happy Hour at Casa Madera Toronto runs from Tuesdays to Thursdays from 5 pm to 7 pm.

Sip and Savor

Enjoy Casa Madera's own unique twist of world-famous cocktails dubbed Casa Cocktails. These cocktails are available in both locations with slight variations in the ingredients used. Casa Madera's own version of Margarita, dubbed Casa Margarita, stands out the most with notable ingredients like Blanco tequila (tromba and altos).

Choose from up to four Casa cocktails, including a unique version of Tepache (house-made with charred pineapple and some mezcal, among other ingredients like grapefruit zest to offer some acidic sweetness).

Cocktails aside, there are Mexican beers and world-class wine options to choose from. Enjoy premium Rose wine, red wine, or white wine options.

Culinary Delights

Happy Hour at Casa Madera’s high-end restaurants isn’t complete without culinary treats. Expect to indulge in some of the tastiest tacos and bites. Depending on where you visit, you may enjoy some more biting options.

For instance, Casa Madera West Hollywood has a specially curated Happy Hour menu that serves Beet and Jicama bites featuring mouthwatering ingredients like candied walnuts and whipped goat cheese. Casa Madera Toronto’s Happy Hour menu, on the other hand, serves Artichoke and Manchego bites featuring arugula, a flavorful cruciferous salad with green and pink peppercorn flakes.

Both locations have some great raw bar options, from oysters to Hamachi Serrano (as seen in the picture), as well as delicious taco choices with tasty meat filling options like chicken or duck and featuring tasty, flavorful salsa with unique ingredients.

Please note that Casa Madera’s happy hour offerings may vary from time to time.

More Than Just Happy Hour

Casa Madera's delicious Happy Hour culinary delights and refreshing drinks offerings are backed by the perfect environment to transform the entire experience. Despite the fact that our two main locations are miles away, the moment you step into either one of our restaurants you will be part of the same atmosphere describable as bohemian but luxurious. Get transported to a coastal paradise that is high-end but different from conventional norms.

This unique setting slows down time and offers an incredibly luxurious and immersive experience perfect for witnessing magical sunsets. See, feel, and smell all aspects of your coastal experience. There's undoubtedly more to Happy Hour at Casa Madera West Hollywood and Toronto than just food and drinks.

An Invitation to Unwind

You are cordially invited to a magical Happy Hour experience at Casa Madera West Hollywood or Casa Madera Toronto, for an afternoon to remember.

Enjoy the unique Casa Madera experience as you indulge in Happy Hour culinary delights (specially curated by our world-class chef) and sip on refreshing drinks. We offer the perfect upscale atmosphere for meeting new people, relaxing after a long, busy weekday, or simply enjoying a nice drink.

As the sun starts to set, enjoy stunning city views and savor our Mexican-inspired delights made with the freshest and tastiest ingredients. Sip on our handcrafted cocktails made with premium spirits and freshly squeezed juices, among other ingredients. If you love beer or wine, we also have you covered with selections that pair perfectly with our culinary offerings.

Casa Madera has an unmatched commitment to offering unique experiences that blend Mediterranean charm with Mexican warmth. We are delighted to welcome new and repeat patrons to our one-of-a-kind Happy Hour experience.

Make a reservation: Casa Madera West Hollywood or make a reservation: Casa Madera Toronto. Alternatively, you can call +1 310-878-0814 – West Hollywood or +1 416-601-3593 –Toronto.

Casa Madera West Hollywood is located on the Sunset Strip for a reason. There isn’t a more luxurious place in LA with better sunset views. Casa Madera Toronto is located in 1 Hotel Toronto, which also has breathtaking views of Toronto's skyline.

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