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We get it. You've spent the week juggling work, social commitments, and the ever-present LA traffic. It's been a whirlwind, but you've made it. The weekend is finally here, and it's your time to unwind.

Good news: Casa Madera's weekend brunch kicks off at a relaxed 11 a.m. You can catch some extra sleep and still make it for the first pour of your favorite cocktail.

Imagine a setting that transports you to Tulum with a warm and inviting soundtrack. Casa Madera offers just that—a slice of a coastal, Mexican paradise in West Hollywood.

As we peel back the layers of this culinary gem, prepare to be transported through a tapestry of flavors, sights, and sounds that makeup Casa Madera's weekend brunch.

The Allure of Weekend Brunch

Weekend brunch wasn't always the social phenomenon it is today. It evolved from a simple meal to a weekend ritual, a time to unwind and socialize.

In West Hollywood, brunch is a social currency. It's where you catch up with friends you haven't seen all week and make plans for the night ahead. It's where you discuss the latest gossip and share the newest playlist you've discovered.

It's a break from the routine, a chance to indulge and to be seen. It's where you wear your new outfit, try that special dish, and generally indulge in the nicer things in life.

Weekend brunch at Casa Madera is more than world-class food and drinks - it's about the experience.

It's about the joy of the weekend, the freedom from work, and the pleasure of being with people who make you happy. It's about making every moment count, about living for the weekend.

We understand that the weekend brunch is the social heartbeat of the LA weekend. It's where you reconnect, share your week's triumphs, and maybe even find romance.

This is weekend brunch - Casa Madera style.

And you might be wondering: what’s on the menu?

Two Menus, One Experience:

Weekend brunch at Casa Madera is a tale of two menus: one for delectable dishes and another for our handcrafted cocktails. Both menus serve as your ticket to a brunch unlike any other.

Where do you even begin to choose what to eat from our lineup of locally sourced ingredients? Although there are a wide variety of options for you to try and really there is no right or wrong answer here, allow us to give you our professional recommendation.

For your Starter, picture this: Your Kobe A5 arrives and your knife glides through it like it's butter. The whiskey barrel-aged soy air wafts up, teasing your senses before you even take that first, unforgettable bite.

Or try the brunch meal that has LA talking: the Casa Madera Breakfast. Imagine the sizzle of marinated Wagyu skirt steak as it meets the hot grill. The aroma fills the air, mingling with the scent of seasoned potatoes and fresh corn tortillas.

Next: meet the Casa Tomahawk + Eggs. The 44oz bone-in Wagyu tomahawk arrives at your table like a king on its throne, flanked by eggs and rosemary potatoes that are more than worthy of their royal companion.

Desserts you’ll still be thinking about on Monday at the office? We have all sweet tooths covered.

Envision a stack of Poppy Seed Pancakes, each layer fluffier than the last. Lemon whipped cream melts into the warm crevices, while cherry almond syrup pools at the base, waiting for your fork to make its grand entrance.

And if you're in the mood for something lighter, consider the Acai Bowl. It's a colorful medley of fresh fruits, coconut, and granola, offering a refreshing counterpoint to the more indulgent options.

This is the weekend brunch at Casa Madera, and it's designed to be a gastronomic experience you won't easily forget. However, we must warn you: our menu is everchanging, constantly looking to please your taste buds and create new culinary journeys for our patriots, so these offerings might change at any point. If you’d like to try them, we recommend you visit us soon.

Sip and Celebrate:

What's brunch without that perfect sip to complete the experience? At Casa Madera, we've got you covered.

Try our Casa Bloody Maria - it's a flavor explosion. Vodka or tequila mingles with spices that don't just dance—they tango on your tongue.

Or meet the Casa Michelada. Imagine your favorite beer, but dressed up in a zesty house miche mix. It's like your beer went on a tropical vacation and sent you a postcard.

Ever had a cocktail that feels like a party in a glass? Our Prosecco + Seasonal Sorbet Kit is that and more. Crisp Prosecco meets a parade of seasonal sorbets, turning each sip into a mini celebration.

This is just a little snapshot of the weekend brunch cocktail menu that awaits you at Casa Madera.

Note: both menus may vary, keeping things fresh and exciting.

The Casa Madera Ambiance

Your weekend brunch at Casa Madera is where LA's glamour meets rustic charm. Our retractable roof lets the California sun be your natural spotlight, making every dish glisten.

Outside, the arched windows frame Beverly Hills like a live-action postcard. The stadium seating is your personal amphitheater for sipping Champagne, complete with built-in bucket areas to keep it chilled to perfection.

Inside, the bar is a brunch social hub, where floral art by Lauren Wilson adds a touch of organic elegance. Fire features under rope-and-thatch pergolas make each dining nook a private haven.

And our warm staff, attentive but never intrusive, adds the finishing flourish to your weekend brunch ambiance.

Join the Excitement

You’ve probably realized by now that this isn't your typical bland brunch.

It's a snapshot of life in LA, it’s the breathtaking views of Beverly Hills from our patio, it’s a blend of a Mexican feast with a Californian twist, it’s about friendship and the indefinable magic that makes this city so special.

We're committed to making your brunch unforgettable. From the moment you walk in, you'll feel the vibrant energy and warmth that only Casa Madera can offer.

You’ll leave the venue not just with a full stomach, but with a heart full of new memories and a phone full of new contacts

Join us every Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

LA's finest brunch beckons and your seat is waiting.

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