How Is Mezcal Made? Our Mezcal Bar Has The Answer!

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Mezcal is a smoky and flavorful spirit that is one of Mexico's many gifts to the world. Its long and fascinating history is deeply rooted in Mexican culture. Right from the start it was a symbol of celebration and community in Mexico and now the world at large. Tequila is another clearly popular and equally delicious Mexican drink, but they have a key difference: mezcal is made from various agave plants and distilled through traditional methods. The result is a distinct taste and aroma that embody the regions where it is produced.

So, there is no doubt about it: mezcal is at the heart of the Mexican culture and it has even imbued itself into their food and become a staple of their multiple offerings. When soul-soothing Mexican cuisine is set on a table, it can be made complete with a smooth mezcal of choice. It can also be the perfect addition to your celebration, the reason behind your toasts, or rapidly become your new choice of drink.

Mezcal, like beer or wine, is a broad term for any distilled spirit from maguey, the agave plant. Locals prefer to sip mezcal in small cups but the finest bartenders have also taken to serve it up as cocktails that transcend the drinker's sense of time. The choicest mezcal cocktail will leave you longing for more while quenching your thirst in a sweet and savory manner. This succulent drink is born of exotic flavors carefully blended in while it's in the stills. If your taste buds are already craving the smooth taste of a delicious mezcal cocktail, our mezcal bar has exactly what you need! If you'd like to learn more about mezcal and how it is made in order to fully understand the sensory experience that comes with every drink, we have also got the answer to your burning questions! Whether you are truly a mezcal aficionado or are suddenly curious and eager to learn more, embark with us on this tasty journey.

The agave plant and mezcal's Mexican roots

Mezcal is made from the agave plant called maguey in the Aztec language of Mexico. The agave plant can be grown in farms but it is indigenous to the wild and takes 7 to 20 years to mature. Agave has up to 30 varieties from which mezcal can be made. The popular ones are the blue weber agave variety, used to make tequila, and the espadin agave, used to make most other mezcal. And yes, tequila is a type of mezcal.

The espadin agave is high in sugar and reaches maturity quickly. It is from this plant that the traditional spirit, mezcal, is distilled. The distillation process starts with extracting the core of the plant called the "piña" which is harvested and transported to the machinery used to process it. The piña weighs up to 300 pounds and resembles an oversized pineapple. Traditional Mexican farmers use distillers known as "mezcelaros" and stills made from clay pots. When the piña is removed and the leaves separated, it is roasted to extract its flavors. It is then cooked and mashed to a pulp. The cooked agave is combined with water and yeast, the pulp ferments and is then left to sit for days. The resulting liquid is run twice or more through a still to get mezcal.

Although mezcal originated in the 16th century when the Spanish arrived in Mexico, the maguey has been integral to the culture of the native peoples of Mexico who made a beer-like drink called "pulgue" from the agave plant. The native peoples of Mexico soon learned the production process for distilling mezcal and began to engage in small-scale production. From that point on, mezcal has been integral to Mexican culture and we couldn't be more thankful for that.

Casa Madera, the best mezcal bar in West Hollywood

If we have left you wanting more, our mezcal offerings at Casa Madera have what it takes to end your cravings in the smoothest way possible. Along with the rest of our cuisine, the mezcal cocktails on our menu are indulgent, rich, and flavorful. They have the perfect balance between an authentic Mexican taste and a luxurious take to create a high-end experience right here in West Hollywood.

Our mezcal is carefully distilled so that the piña unleashes its natural sugars and smoky flavors. On top of that, you can also enjoy delicious Mexican-inspired meals that fit perfectly with our different mezcal cocktails.

Mezcal Cocktails

Our award-winning bartenders curate our cocktail menu carefully pulling from the traditional Mexican agave, a clean mezcal production process, their sophisticated tastes, and our signature organic ingredients to produce a spirit that's tantalizing and deserving of our high-end guests.

Our mezcal bar at Casa Madera carries the most refreshing mezcal cocktails in West Hollywood. When you visit us, you'll get to see the flavorful combinations that are possible thanks to our experienced bartenders, who create the perfect blends to truly boost the taste of mezcal and curate a sensory experience in every drink. For example, our "La luna cupreata" mezcal pairs perfectly with fruity flavors. It can also be delicious with a more citrus twist, perhaps with some kiwi and even nopales. "Vida mezcal" can be the perfect choice for a sweet and savory drink: agave and lime can really take the flavor to new rights. If you prefer a more traditional cocktail experience we also have classic cocktails made richer thanks to our "Bruxo" mezcal. You truly can't go wrong with our different types of agave and our incredible drinks.

The possibilities are almost endless in our high-end Mexican restaurant. Our stills unleash a world of taste that's available only in the cocktail menu at our mezcal bar. Book a reservation at our West Hollywood location and see for yourself. Allow us to fill your senses with fresh, organic ingredients, high-quality elements, and the full force of the Mexican tradition we honor in each one of our offerings.

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