Romance Reimagined: Casa Madera's Valentine's Day Specials in Toronto and West Hollywood

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Valentine's Day is a day dedicated to celebrating love. The day offers a perfect opportunity to celebrate a significant other by showering them with affection and appreciation. From handwritten love letters to thoughtful gifts and candlelit dinners, Valentine's is a day for you to break free from the mundane and immerse yourself and your loved one in magical romance.

If you love the thought of dining in pure luxury this Valentine's Day, look no further. High-end restaurant chain Casa Madera has memorable Valentine's celebrations lined up in their Toronto and West Hollywood restaurant locations. Enjoy a unique romantic offering in Casa Madera Toronto and a classic one in West Hollywood. There's no better dining platform in 2024 for expressing love this Valentine’s Day.

Celebrating Love: Casa Madera's Valentine's Day Experiences

If Valentine's finds you in Toronto, brace yourself for a unique and luxurious celebration. Casa Madera has crafted a special menu just for the big day. If you are in West Hollywood seeking the perfect spot to share a romantic dinner, then indulge in Casa Madera’s delicious menu and allow the view of LA’s night sky fill your evening with that extra touch of luxury and romance.

Toronto's Valentine's Day: a Night to Remember

Menu Specials

Start off with a delicious, unique version of octopus croquetas featuring potatoes, beef bacon, and a flavourful condiment composed of Morita Chile aioli.

Enjoy other delicacies like beef tartare, whose French origins are synonymous with love. Casa Madera's unique version of beef tartare to be served on Valentine's features prime tenderloin beef and confit quail egg yolks. Other notable ingredients include pecorino affienato (premium cheese made from pasteurized sheep's milk) and anchovies to add a strong flavor.

Seafood lovers can opt for a unique, delicious, and pricey delicacy of scallops and sea urchins. Casa Madera will also be serving the most delicious Pekin duck dish in Toronto, dubbed "PATO”. The dish will feature heirloom baby beets and served with daikon & green apple salad.

Finish off your romantic dinner with a delicious dessert dubbed "LA ROSA" featuring almond cake, raspberries in snow, and a beautiful and tasty dairy and gluten-free treat - lychee rose sorbet.

Ambiance & Setting

Casa Madera Toronto offers an ambiance that will match their Valentine's menu perfectly. The restaurant decor creates an immersive dining experience with natural wood accents and lighting, perfect for creating a romantic Valentine's Day dinner mood.

Enjoy Valentine's dinner in a welcoming and relaxing boho-chic coastal atmosphere that offers a "feast-for-all-senses". What you see, feel, and smell is part of the entire experience. You couldn't ask for a more mesmerizing Valentine’s dinner ambiance and setting.

West Hollywood: A Classic Romantic Evening

If you happen to find yourself in Casa Madera West Hollywood, brace yourself for memorable classic offerings.

A Lovely Menu Option

Enjoy a luxurious Valentine's-themed dinner experience with our dinner menu offerings that cater to all tastes and preferences. Expect Mexican-inspired dishes with Mediterranean influences and a bold diverse twist.

Select from several delicious starters with must-haves like Kobe A5 composed of seared Japanese wagyu. There are also plenty of raw bar options for seafood lovers, including a seafood tower and Champagne (Dom Perignon) + caviar (1oz Osetra caviar).

There are over 8 main course options catering to everyone from burger to steak lovers. Must-haves include Wagyu top cap to Casa Tomahawk steak, Casa Madera's proprietary burger - Madera Burger, and Truffle Risotto.

There'll be numerous sides and salad varieties to choose from, as well as special dessert and cocktail menus. Come ready to enjoy refreshing margaritas with a Casa Madera twist (Casa Margaritas). The drinks menu also has many other offerings.

While our menu offerings may change, you can expect nothing short of an exquisite upscale Valentine’s dinner experience.


Casa Madera West Hollywood is located on Sunset Blvd's most invigorated corner (within the iconic Mondrian Hotel) occupying a unique vantage point on the Sunset Strip that offers panoramic views of Los Angeles and a clear view of the ocean.

Considering the restaurant boasts 75% outdoor space, a massive retractable roof, and an immersive ambiance, you couldn't ask for a more luxurious and romantic location to enjoy Valentine’s Day dinner in LA.

Why Choose Casa Madera for Valentine's Day

Casa Madera's 2024 Valentine's Day specials offer a perfect break from mundane celebrations. The restaurant's locations and specials offer an upscale, immersive, and unique dining experience bound to remain memorable for years. From the specially curated menus to the setting and ambiance, you can rest assured of a great experience.

Reservations and Details

To secure a spot we suggest that you make a reservation right away, we wouldn’t want you to miss out on the excitement and romance that awaits our patrons.

Make a reservation at Casa Madera West Hollywood. Find out more about Valentine’s Day at Casa Madera West Hollywood by calling (310) 878-0814 or make an inquiry online.

Make a reservation at Casa Madera Toronto. Find out more about Valentine’s Day at Casa Madera Toronto by calling +1 416-601-3593 or make an inquiry online.

An Invitation to Love and Indulgence

Casa Madera invites you for a Valentine's Day filled with love, laughter, & unforgettable memories at our Toronto and West Hollywood locations. We can't wait to welcome you and celebrate love with you.

Step into an upscale restaurant atmosphere that whispers romance and makes unforgettable memories. Escape the mundane and set the stage for an unforgettable Valentine's Day at Casa Madera, where every detail will be designed to ignite the flame of love.

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