The Best 10 First Date Ideas in Toronto in 2023

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The Best 10 First Date Ideas in Toronto in 2023

Toronto is a fantastic city with many incredible sights, including bars, restaurants, and parks. It's one of the best cities in Canada, especially if you're out to have fun. Given that it's such a big city, even if you live in Toronto chances are you are yet to discover many fun locations that'd be perfect for your first date. Here, we will list places and unique experiences you can have by exploring Toronto. From the divine restaurants to the impressive parks or places like Kensington Market, and exhilarating skyline views, there's a lot to discover in the anchor of the Gold Horseshoe.

So, if you have plans to take someone out on a special treat, take a look at our well-curated list of fun date ideas and romantic activities you can do in Toronto.

1 Party at Par-Tee Putt

On a date, it can be great to have some friendly competition. At Par-tee Putt, you can challenge your date to a good mini-golf battle. The golf club offers 27 themed holes, and you can take a glass of beer or your favorite drink while you play.

Each hole is themed after a concept relating to pop culture. Some holes are based on Game of Thrones, Pokemon, and The Price is Right.

What's also impressive about Par-tee Putt is that you can play 9 or 18 at a time. You may not be able to try every available hole, but you can have maximum fun with your date.

2 Get a Fancy Dining Experience at Casa Madera

Try out Casa Madera in Toronto if you're looking for an immersive experience for a memorable first date. What's unique about this restaurant is that you get a bit of everything to make your first date successful. At this restaurant, you can enjoy fine and luxurious dining with innovative cuisine while having a romantic experience with your date.

One of the many benefits most enjoy at Casa Madera is also in its food menu. The restaurant offers a unique selection of meals with classic flavors that creates an immersive dining experience. Experience paradise with Casa Madera’s fine menu, bar services with delicious drinks, and even better ambiance. This will be the perfect romantic dinner you were looking for!

3 Relax At A Turkish Day Spa

All you want could be to relax and have the perfect afternoon with your date. If that's on your list of considerations, you should lay in the lap of luxury. Hammam Spa is a relaxation spot in Toronto modeled after traditional Turkish baths. Spending some time at this relaxation spot will leave you and your partner feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

The spa offers a steam room, pedicure services, manicure tables, deep-soaker tubs, and Turkish suites. If you're up for some pampering with your date, you should check them out to relieve stress.

4 Consider a Romantic Picnic at High Park

If you're looking for a more classic option,  the high park is an excellent date idea. Similar to exploring open places like the Kensington Market, hanging out in the park with your date gives a dreamy and comfortable outlook. It lets you and your date connect, especially on a sunny afternoon. Walk around the park and enjoy the green spaces and what nature offers.

55 Roller Skate With Your Date

What's more fun than a classic walk in the park or exploring Kensington Market? Roller skating with your date! Scooter's Roller Palace in Mississauga is an indoor rink that makes you feel you're in the 80s. During adult skate nights, you'll get the chance to skate while enjoying great music and lights in an incredible atmosphere. This is our ultimate fun night activity!

6 Experience a Sunset Pedal Boat Ride

At 955 Lake Shore Blvd, you can spice up your date with this exciting activity. Having a sunset boat ride will ease tension, and you wouldn't have to worry about keeping up conversations. Paddling in the water with beautiful views of the Harbourfront will keep you and your date feeling adventurous.

7 Get a Look at Sharks After Dark

Ripley's Aquarium is a no-brainer if you're a strong lover of nature and adventure. Gaze at the exotic sea creatures, both big and small, without any obstruction to your view. The experience of the Aquarium feels like you're in the deep seas itself, only with clear but thick glass between you and nature's gifts. This is bound to be a fun time!

8 Have “Bouncy and Boozy” Fun At An Inflatapark

If you want a fun and careless activity, The Bubble should be one of your favourite spots.  This inflatable entertainment complex has a 10,000 sq ft "inflatapark" with giant slides, laser tag, and even arcade games. After having bouncy fun at the complex, you can refresh yourself with some snacks and beverages.

9 Explore the Scarborough Bluffs

The Scarborough Bluffs extends up to 14km along Toronto's Eastern waterfront with amazing hiking trails. Regardless of the weather when you visit, the park offers spectacular views of the jutting cliffs and Lake Ontario. You and your date can enjoy the outdoor scenery around hiking trails, forests, beaches, and even gardens.

10 Get Around the Riverdale Farm

If you're a fan of the outdoors, Riverdale Farm is another location you and your date should try out, especially if you also love animals. Toronto's historic Riverdale Farm allows you to stroll among charming homes and barns on the farm's ground. You can also visit cows, ducks, horses, goats, and sheep, and enjoy what nature offers.

Experience Relaxation and Fine Dining Like Never Before

With over ten options to choose from, it may not be easy to make a final decision on where to spend your first date. If in doubt, when think the safest option would be a romantic, candlelit delicious dinner at Casa Madera in Toronto. At Casa Madera, you aren't just getting fine and luxurious meals — you're also opening yourself up for a romantic, refreshing, and relaxing experience. Book a reservation at Casa Madera and have the best first-date experience with zero worries.

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