Top 10 aspects to prioritize on your bridal shower checklist

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Bridal showers are an opportunity to celebrate alongside the bride-to-be and can be a lovely memory. Being in charge of planning a bridal shower, however, can at times be a handful. To help you in this process and make sure you enjoy the occasion as much as any other guest, we have curated this checklist of the top things you should prioritize.

Here are the 10 things you should have on your bridal shower planning checklist. Check these off your list and you'll be ready to give the bride the time of her life!

1. Timing

Although it's tradition for the maid of honor to host the bridal shower, her friends and family including other bridesmaids could host the event. The mother of the bride and the mother of the groom may even want to be a part of this important occasion. Once you're clear on who is hosting, the next thing to figure out is when it would be.

  • Ideally, bridal showers should take place two to three months before the wedding.
  • You do not want to host it so early that the bride feels that her pre-wedding activities ended long before the wedding day.
  • At the same time, you want it to be at a time when her schedule isn't hectic.
  • You also want it at a time that's convenient for her friends and closest family to attend.
  • A weekend around 1-2 months prior to the wedding could be your safest choice but, if in doubt you can always ask the bride.

2. Invitation list

The guests at a bridal shower should be family members of the bride-to-be and her closest friends. Whoever does not fit this definition probably shouldn't be invited. Check with the bride to know guests that are a must-invite and include these on your list. Depending on your budget and how intimate you want the bridal shower to be, the guests should be between 30 to 50. Include guests' names and their email addresses in your list.

3. Bridal shower budget

The host is responsible for financing a bridal shower. If you're the only one hosting as the maid of honor, the financials are up to you. If family, friends, or the bridal party would be co-hosting, then it's a good idea to spread the cost evenly. Create a budget for the shower and plan an event that the bride-to-be would absolutely love.

4. Bridal shower venue

Once you are clear on your budget and the guest list, it's time to find the perfect venue to hold the event. Find a place that has the right capacity to hold your guest list. It's also a good idea to look for a place that matches the aesthetic and the general ambiance you want to have for this memorable occasion. If you are planning a large event, make sure the venue has enough space so that everyone can be comfortable. If you want a more intimate party, a smaller private event room might be a better choice. You can check out our different venue options at Casa Madera to have a good idea of what is available for you right here in West Hollywood. Once you make your decision, book the event to make sure your date works well and you can start planning the remaining details.

5. Invites

Now that your venue has been secured, send out the invites early so that guests have plenty of time to plan accordingly. Ideally, the bridal shower invitations should go out six weeks before the shower. You can design an eye-catching invite and mail this to everyone on your guest list. A good rule of thumb is to make sure everyone you invite to the shower has also been invited to the wedding.

6. Theme

Choose a theme for your bridal shower. You can use the bride's personality or preferences to guide you on this. If in doubt, you can't go wrong with a personal, warm, and classy ambiance. The bridal shower theme can then influence other details like the decor, the invites, and even the food. Would the bride-to-be appreciate beautiful blooms? What are her favorite colors and activities? Determining what she loves will help you choose a theme that works.

7. Gift registry

Ensure that the couple's wedding registry is completed and up-to-date with their gift choices at this time. This will enable guests who are coming to the bridal shower to pick bridal shower gifts that the bride-to-be would actually love.

8. Bridal shower menu

Curate your bridal shower menu. Making sure the bride likes the food and drink options you have selected is an essential part of making the day special. To ensure everyone on your guest list can also enjoy all of the menu items, you can include a section on the invites asking about dietary restrictions and food allergies. Then, plan a menu that can delight everyone involved to guarantee a deliciously successful event. If you choose a venue that already comes with a comprehensive menu, such as a high-end restaurant with private room options, you can allow their chefs to help you in this regard and enjoy checking this item off your to-do list. We have a luxurious menu at Casa Madera that can help you make this task easier.

9. Game ideas & activities

Keep the bridal shower itinerary savvy by including fun games and activities. The bridal shower games you choose should be entertaining and lighthearted. If your guests are not all familiar with each other,  can include icebreakers.

10. Favors

It would be a nice touch to add some party favors as a parting gift for everyone involved. It could be a small detail to make the event much more memorable.

Find the right venue for your bridal shower

If you needed to prioritize one aspect of this entire checklist, we'd recommend starting with the venue. The right location should make guests feel at ease and have a welcoming environment. If it provides a delicious menu comprised of a wide range of food options as well as a fun drinks menu then you are all set! Located in West Hollywood, our Casa Madera venue will add a luxurious touch to your bridal shower. Your guests would be perfectly comfortable in our various private events rooms. Allow our luxurious restaurant to help check this task off your list and provide a place for the bride to enjoy herself and relax before her big day. Click here to book a reservation online and let's start planning the shower of your dreams!

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