The best things to do at night in LA

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In the electric city of Los Angeles, there are plenty of activities to keep you occupied. Wandering around Griffith Park, Pacific Park, Union station, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Echo Park, Vine street, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Exposition Park, and more, there are several areas that can be great fun by day. But when the sun sets, LA offers you a wide array of nocturnal treats - from North Hollywood to Hollywood Boulevard and everywhere in between.

The Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles transforms, offering a kaleidoscope of attractions at night. LA's city lights are your canvas for unforgettable adventures, blending the old with the new in a city that never rests.

Let's look at some of the finest the City of Angels has to offer!

1 - Enjoy a luxurious Mexican meal with a modern twist

We start our LA night activities with a visit to the wonderful Casa Madera in West Hollywood. This high-energy, fine-dining establishment on Sunset Boulevard is one of the most talked about eateries in Southern California, offering an unforgettable Mexican culinary journey.

As you leave the outside neon lights and stone-paved streets, the boho-chic coastal ambiance -coupled with the business casual vibe- sets the stage for a night of delight. The menu is a mouthwatering fusion of seafood, Mediterranean, and contemporary Mexican fresh food flavors.

Signature dishes -like their renowned Ribeye (pictured above), Whipped Aubergine, and Chile Pulpo- tantalize your taste buds, while their cocktail menu, brimming with options like the zesty Casa Margarita (pictured below) and the vibrant Suerto, infuses your evening with a blend of sophistication and excitement. The sensuous setting is further enhanced by natural wood, stone decor, and warm, welcoming staff, creating an inviting atmosphere and the ultimate LA experience at night.

This spot not only promises delicious food but also a chance to bask in the celebrity glamour of West Hollywood. The restaurant has already drawn celebrity guests, including Quavo, Anderson Paak, Ty Dolla $ign, Beck, the Selling Sunset cast and more - so maybe you'll get to see one of your favorite A-Listers as you drink and dine.

2 - Spend an Evening at Universal CityWalk

Next, let's explore Universal CityWalk, a vibrant centerpiece of Hollywood's nightlife. This entertainment hub buzzes with activity, where the spirit of the entertainment industry thrives. Under the night sky, the CityWalk transforms into a lively world of fun activities.

Pop culture pulses through the area, offering hours of entertainment in its varied attractions. Some popular venues include the CityWalk Cinema, Rising Star - which features a live band and engaging mic nights - and Riptide, a dance club with a stocked bar and music from the last 60 years.

Universal CityWalk is also handily located adjacent to the theme parks of Universal Studios Hollywood and serves as an entrance plaza from the parking lots to the theme parks.

From engaging boutique shops to independent shops to lively music venues, every corner of Universal City Walk promises an unforgettable Hollywood evening.

3 - Be in a Studio Audience

Attending a TV show taping to see your favorite celebrities in Los Angeles is another popular nighttime activity. Here are some key details:

  • Types of Shows: There are various types of shows that you can attend, including talk shows, game shows, and talent contests. Some popular shows include Dancing with the Stars, America's Got Talent, and Jimmy Kimmel Live!
  • Ticketing: Tickets to TV show tapings are usually free, but because they have some of the biggest names in entertainment they can be difficult to obtain. Visitors can contact suppliers such as On Camera Audiences, 1iota Productions, or L.A.'s visitor information centers in Downtown and Hollywood to secure tickets.
  • Location: TV show tapings take place at various studios throughout Los Angeles, including Red Studios Hollywood and El Capitan Entertainment Centre

4 - Spend a Haunted Night at the Queen Mary

Or venture into the night on board the Queen Mary, where paranormal activity thrives in its historic corridors. The night tours bring the ship's haunting tales to life under the night sky. Experience eerie night views as you explore haunted spaces, resonating with the ship's past.

The Queen Mary, a vessel rich in historic signs and mysteries, offers a unique experience in Long Beach, blending history with chilling encounters. This haunting adventure at the Queen Mary offers a unique blend of history, mystery, and a truly unique LA nighttime attraction.

5 - LA Nights Uncovered: Exploring More Enthralling Activities

Beyond the attractions we mentioned, LA offers even more enthralling nighttime activities for visitors to uncover and enjoy

Sporting Events: Apart from the iconic Staples Center, LA's night-time sporting scene thrives with venues like Dodger Stadium, The Forum, and Banc of California Stadium.

Intimate Movie Theaters: Discover unique film experiences at the Vista Theatre or the New Beverly Cinema, where movie screenings become an intimate affair.

Amusement Parks: Embrace the night with adrenaline-fueled attractions at Universal Studios Hollywood or the whimsical Santa Monica Pier.

Hollywood Wax Museum: Encounter lifelike figures of Michael Jackson and more, with an admission ticket to this famed museum.

Walt Disney Concert Hall: Attend a fun event at this architectural marvel, known for its stunning acoustics and performances.

Sunset Strip Night Tour: Explore the legendary Sunset Strip, soaking in its vibrant nightlife and rich history.

Comedy Clubs: Laugh the night away with an entry ticket to legendary spots like The Laugh Factory or The Comedy Store.

Bowling Alleys: Perfect for pre - bar hopping, visit alleys like Highland Park Bowl or Lucky Strike for a fun start to your evening.

Museum of Neon Art: This unique museum illuminates the artistry behind neon lights, a true visual treat.

Dolby Theatre: Home of the Oscars, experience the glamour of Hollywood events and shows at this renowned venue.

Griffith Park Observatory: Join their star parties for stunning views of the night sky, a must-visit for astronomy enthusiasts.

Reserve Your Evening at Casa Madera

Experience the height of LA evening dining at Casa Madera, located in the Sunset Strip's Mondrian Hotel. This coastal Mexican dining concept inspired by old-world habitats offers 8,000 square feet of rich cuisine and an agrarian rooftop oasis.

Known for upscale taqueria touches and luxury, Casa Madera provides a warm, immersive escape with panoramic city views, fine food, and an experience that encapsulates everything you love about Los Angeles when the sun goes down.

Make your evening extraordinary at the pinnacle of LA's scene - reserve now for the magic of West Hollywood's premier nightlife destination.

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