What Are Some Good Places for a First Date in Los Angeles?

Casa Madera Staff

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When most people hear of Los Angeles, they think of movie studios, theme parks, expensive restaurants, celebrities, and more. Los Angeles can easily qualify as the leading entertainment capital in the world. For us, entertainment and romance go hand in hand.

West Hollywood adds a touch of luxury to this scenario, making it a perfect location for first dates. If you want a fun, romantic, entertaining, memorable, and high-end first date all at the same time, head over to West Hollywood.

But where exactly should you go? We’ve done the research for you and listed some of the best places for a first date in Los Angeles for a romantic evening.

Let’s get right into it!

1. Have a Romantic Dinner at Casa Madera, a High-End Mexican Restaurant with Mediterranean Influences

First dates, with great food and a romantic ambiance, are meant to be memorable. If you wish for an immersive high-end fine dining experience on your first date featuring magical sunsets, delicious Mexican- inspired cuisine, immersive ambiance, and more, head over to Casa Madera, a restaurant on the rooftop of the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood.

Casa Madera sits on the Sunset Strip, offering panoramic breathtaking views of Los Angeles and a clear sight line to the ocean. This could be your perfect date night in a romantic restaurant with the best sunset views in West Hollywood. Stunning views aside, Casa Madera offers great Mexican coastal cuisine with a Mediterranean twist. This bold menu is bound to be a crowd-pleaser.

The dinner and brunch menus have delicious food options from starters to raw bar options, salads, and sides that cater to all kinds of eaters (from sweet to savory and in between) to picky eaters (considering there are vegan options on request).

Enjoy your first date in a perfect setting that caters to all senses. Everything in the restaurant, from the decor to the lighting and music, is designed to offer a romantic and warm experience, bound to slow down time and let you enjoy your moment to the fullest.

The cocktail menu is also impressive, with premium proprietary cocktails and mocktails. Wine lovers can also enjoy a glass of wine among other drinks and treats in the Happy Hour menu. However, you need a reservation to make Casa Madera your perfect spot for a first date.

2. The Comedy Store: Favorite Spot for a Laughter-Filled First Date

If you want to break the ice through a few laughs, you can head over to the Comedy Store on the Sunset Strip. Lift you and your date’s spirits with laughter at one of the most legendary Sunset Blvd comedy clubs beloved by audiences and comics alike. Legends like Jim Carrey and Robin Williams, among many others, have graced the Comedy Store's stage and many big names still perform there regularly as they refine material for specials and tours.

The Comedy Store still keeps a fresh, funny, and consistent lineup to date despite being over 50 years old. It dates back to the early 1970s. There are three separate stages to choose from, with stand-up shows almost every night (closed for one night per week, mainly Monday or Tuesday).

The Original Room is a perfect option, as marquee headliners usually show up for warm-up sets. To avoid disappointment, pick up tickets to an upcoming event on the Comedy Store's official website.

3. Morrison Hotel Gallery: Art-Inspired Romantic Night

A gallery is a great place to explore and learn while having awesome conversations and getting to know more about a person, making them great first-date venues. Morrison Hotel Gallery is a unique space specifically for famed musicians. If you already know your date loves music and photography, Morrison Hotel Gallery has some great first-class photo collections to explore.

Located in the elegant lobby of Sunset Marquise Hotel, the small intimate gallery is a haven for music and photography lovers. There are hardly any art galleries in West Hollywood that have captured the city's vibe so perfectly. Explore the photographic art by/of music icons from Jim Morrison to Joni Mitchell and more. The collection includes renowned portraits of Hollywood icons like Marilyn Monroe.

You can visit Morrison Hotel for your first date experience during special events. However, you'll need to secure an invitation or event ticket from the official website. To make the date extra special, you could buy your date original collections, complete with a Certificate of Authenticity.

4. The Griffith Observatory

If you’d rather have an outdoor, indoor, and even outer space first-date experience, you can consider visiting the Griffith Observatory. This location offers a romantic and educational experience characterized by stunning, panoramic views of the Los Angeles skyline and a variety of outer space exhibits.

The observatory offers close sweeping views of the famous Hollywood sign, most of LA, and many space and scientific-related displays. There are several things to do with your date, from observing planets and stars through telescopes to experiencing a solar system show such as the Samuel Oschin Planetarium show. As mentioned, there are numerous exhibits on space exploration and astronomy.

Besides exploring at the observation deck, you can impress your date with Samuel Oschin Planetarium show tickets, a romantic sunset hike or stroll at the Griffith Park trails, and picnicking, among many other outdoor adventures. The park also hosts different events that can top up the experience.

Don't Know Where to Start?

West Hollywood has many romantic date spots to offer, so there is no lack of fun date ideas in Los Angeles. Since there are plenty of options, it's easy to not know where to start. A classic romantic date idea can be a good first step.

You can enjoy a romantic sunset on an intimate, candlelit dinner at Casa Madera and allow the first date jitters to dissipate within the delicious food, relaxing ambiance, and overall romantic vibe of the space. Show your date you have initiative and book a reservation for a night to remember. For a more relaxed option, you could also opt for brunch or even a Happy Hour special. There is no limit to your romantic evening!

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