Wondering What Is There to Do in Toronto in Winter? Check Out This Guide!

Casa Madera Staff

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When the first snowflakes start dancing down from the Toronto skies, the city becomes a frosted wonderland. While some people are seeking refuge from the winter cold, this may be the perfect time to embrace the season's charm and holiday spirit.

If you crave activities with a touch of luxury during this period, Toronto has numerous exciting experiences waiting for you. Forget about ice skating, snowshoeing, ice sculptures, cross-country skiing, holiday light tours, the average activities you can perhaps find in Arrowhead Provincial Park, or related common tourist attractions. This list will not repeat your average winter activities.

If you wish for activities that are not just about the holiday and instead create lifetime experiences or memories with loved ones in Canada’s largest city, we’ve got you covered. We'll explore everything from exclusive fine dining experiences to private helicopter tours, luxurious shopping sprees, and more. Let’s get started!

1. High-end Dinner at Casa Madera Toronto

If you wish to end the year on a high dining note, it doesn’t get better than Casa Madera Toronto. You may have experienced fine dining, but Casa Madera offers a very unique experience. The upscale Mediterranean Restaurant located on Wellington St W offers a true feast for your senses.

Enjoy a warm immersive dining experience during winter characterised by the tradition of honouring each meal. Casa Madera Toronto is inherently inviting. The restaurant also has this unique ability to slow down time, which is a common feeling during winter months. Enjoy an ambiance inspired by old-world habitats and tradition while indulging in the richest culinary traditions featuring Mexican-inspired coastal cuisine refined by Japanese precision and French technique. Enjoy this exclusive offer that brings a touch of warmth and coziness to these months that go beyond the holiday season.

Check out the different menus and allow their food and different cocktail options to bring out the best of the winter months by creating a warm and delicious ambiance just for you.

2. Private Dog Sledding

This is another unique thing to do in Toronto during winter months. Dog sledding is bound to quench your thirst for thrill through snowy landscapes in the outskirts of Toronto. This activity is also perfect for dog lovers who wish to enjoy fast rides (solo or with company) courtesy of majestic huskies.

The neighbouring environs of Toronto City offer the perfect winter wonderland for immersing yourself in Canada's wilderness serenity. A private dog sledding adventure can begin with identifying renowned guides who will typically welcome you and introduce you to the huskies before giving you a brief history of the dog breed, training, and impressive athletic abilities.

Before the adventure, expect to take part in sledding preparation, which generally involves wearing warm clothing and footwear. A comprehensive safety briefing and detailed information on the snowy landscapes is also given beforehand.

The adventure involves expeditions through frozen lakes and snow-covered forests. This experience is exhilarating and marvelling. Dog sledding expeditions usually involve warm-up breaks featuring warm beverages (i.e., coffee, hot chocolate, or tea) and capturing unforgettable photos or videos.

Private dog sledding in Toronto comes with packages ranging from $700 - $1,500 for two plus a personal guide, snacks, and all necessary equipment. Luxurious add-ons can include professional photography and videography.

3. Ice Climbing Adventure at Albion Falls

This is another thrilling activity to consider doing in Toronto during winter months. Head over to Albion Falls in Hamilton and challenge yourself to an ice-climbing adventure. However, you'll need some safety equipment to enjoy this activity safely.

Some experience (preferably through training) will also go a long way. As a result, you may want to enroll in some ice climbing classes before tackling frozen waterfalls like Albion Falls.

4. Luxury Shopping at Toronto’s Bloor Yorkville Neighbourhood

Fine dining aside, you can choose to go luxury shopping at Toronto's Bloor Yorkville luxury shopping district. Toronto can offer world-class, high-end luxury fashion retail store shopping experiences in Bloor-Yorkville, the home to many opulent classic fashion brands like Cartier and Prada. You can also treat yourself this festive season to some newer fashion offerings from Balenciaga or Alo Yoga.

There's just about everything in this fashionable neighbourhood. Visit Alo Yoga at the Bloor and Bay Corner for the latest yogi favourites.

The Balenciaga store at 92 Yorkville Avenue offers 7,000 sq. feet of fashion. Get the latest and largest collections in winter fashion. Cartier at 131-Bloor Street West is a perfect luxury shopping haven for those keen on buying themselves or their loved ones watches, jewelry, perfume, or other accessories this festive season. For tailored blazers, trousers, or luscious sweaters (perfect for winter), head over to Lafayette 148, also among retail stores in Bloor Street West.

For the ultimate eyewear treat this winter, shop at Moscot on Cumberland Street. This store offers the best in bespoke glasses. Get a custom tint perfect for this season. There's also a low-bridge fit offering that allows custom bridge shapes that are both trendy and comfortable.

5. Helicopter Tour Over the Frozen City

You could also settle for a thrilling adventure like a helicopter tour. Toronto has many Heli tour companies offering amazing packages. Explore the breathtaking winter wonderland with unique views of iconic landmarks, frozen landscapes, and water bodies like Lake Ontario.

A memorable winter helicopter tour itinerary over Toronto can be something like; taking off from Toronto City Centre Airport located downtown and heading over to iconic tourist attractions like the CN Tower rising above clear winter. You can proceed to fly over Toronto's busy downtown core, featuring snow-capped skyscrapers and a snow-filled network of streets below.

For a breathtaking view of snow-covered trees and frozen waterways resembling a giant mirror, you can fly over the expansive Lake Ontario before exploring some natural beauty from above High Park and heading over to Humber Bay to catch some winter sports action (from above).

You can end your tour by heading back downtown via the busy St. Lawrence Market through the distillery district, which features festive decor (thousands of lights) and a vibrant holiday spirit throughout winter. This experience is perfect for individuals, couples, or groups.

Ready for Your Luxurious Winter Experience in Toronto?

Toronto is among the best cities in North America for some elegant fun and adventure. We've covered some of the top 5 things to consider doing this winter season in Toronto. While there may be many other indoor and outdoor activities to consider during colder months, we suggest you try out our list first. You can combine two or more indoor/outdoor winter activities together for the most unforgettable winter experience in Toronto.

For instance, your private dog sledding experience can end with a private fine-dining experience at a high-end restaurant like Casa Madera to top off the experience. The same applies to a Heli tour over frozen Toronto.

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